Between sea and mountains, discover the valley of the Vallespir.


Riding in respect of horse, man and nature.


Are you dreaming of an escape or an adventure ?

Are you willing to experience something unforgettable ?

Are you dreaming of complicity with safe footed wonderful horses, bred in semi-liberty, selected for their gentleness and resistance ?


Are you longing for fantastic rides in the mountains, along the hills, galloping through fine woods, crossing rivers or having a picnic in a glade ?

"Les Chevaux du Buac" invite you to share this adventure.

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Head for an extraordinary adventure off the beaten track !

Take another glance at horses, nature and man !


While riding :

The horse is our example.

He lives in the present, considers and analyses his environment without judging. He carries all humans on his back.


The horse is our companion.

While riding, I disregard every idea of power balance : he gives me the opportunity to be respectful and to share a good time.


The horse is our teacher.

He teaches me how to listen to my body language and my emotions. He teaches me how to develop my observation skills and gesture coordination, as well as my sense of anticipation and quick analysis of a situation and therefor teaches me how to improve my reactivity and reinforce my self-confidence.


 accueil les chevaux du buac

Les Chevaux du Buac offer you made-to measure horseback riding :

- Beginners (adults and children)

- Thematic outings

- Families or groups, adapted to everybody's level and experience.

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